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Development Experiences

As we go through life, our experiences are the most powerful tool which shape our learning and development.


I design and deliver experiences tailored to each of my client's development needs - they may be:

  •      in the UK or overseas
  •      outdoors or in a conference room
  •      active or reflective


They may include familiar team challenges, or they may be something completely different.


They will always be stretching, and act as a catalyst for change.



Meet Jay

My personal mission statement is "To make a difference" click on the profile button to learn more about me, and what my clients say about me.

 What I really get a kick out of, is helping people to gain the confidence to “paddle their own canoe” and to see that success for them is how they define it, not how it is defined by others.  

I have a strong commercial background in consumer goods marketing, but my passion is delivering experiences that are a catalyst for change.




Welcome to Active Learning Events - tell me how you would like your team and leaders to be performing differently in the future, and I'll design, deliver and facilitate a solutions focussed programme that is tailor made to help you and them achieve that goal.



Email me jay@developmentexperiences.com with your development goals.


Contact me


+44(0)7796 691681

What my clients say about me

“He has inspired me to achieve things I never thought I was capable of doing”


“He is encouraging and allows people to work in their own way to achieve things, whilst helping them to stretch and grow”


“He is a great person to work with, and you feel confident and comfortable that things will work when he is around”


“Expects a lot of himself and others”


“Likeable and exuberant”


“He is an excellent coach, trainer and facilitator”


“A recycled teenager


“A decent bloke to have around in a crisis”.

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